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Solar Outdoor Lighting has received a bad reputation over the past decade due to the small amount of light output, and short duration time it turns on, and low-quality fixtures. Ambiglow aims to change that perception with beautifully crafted, high efficiency LED fixtures that can truly stay illuminated all night, providing the same glow of normal hard-wired fixtures. Our Solar lighting fixtures are able to provide 6 hours of 100% runtime from a full day’s charge, but if your area is not getting a full day’s sun, our fixtures will automatically adjust to lengthen the lifespan to last a whole night, providing up to 150 hours of runtime in ultra-low power setting. If you live in the north where winters days are short, simply plug in the fixture with the micro-USB plug and charge it up in the off season. We want you to be able to move, place, and be excited by the your fixtures, no matter where they end up.

Solar Outdoor Lighting

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